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CEE & UK Market Entry Project Management




We invite enquiries from all companies, which are considering starting their business in Central and Eastern Europe or UK. We will gladly share with them our experience and knowledge or act on their behalf within the CEE and UK markets actively supervising or managing their projects.

Long-term market entry projects usually consist of the following elements:




Go-to-market strategy preparation


Planning; budgeting and scenario analysis of various market entry alternatives e.g. exporting, licensing, joint ventures, franchising, consortia or wholly owned subsidiaries; Profitability studies: Investment cost analysis.




Market research and test sales


Price comparisons for selected products or product lines: product features comparisons; Identification and analysis of main competitors, i.e. their market share, profitability and financial standing, relationship with other companies on the market; search for potential distributors, clients and partners.




Legal advice and services


Legal environment analysis i.e. companies acts, commercial law, accountancy standards, consumer rights, intellectual property rights, employment laws, health and safety-at-work legislation and industry specific regulations; incorporation of companies; licence applications; preparation of ready-to-use draft contracts; selection of accountancy, legal and insurance service providers.



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Adaptation of standards and procedures


Translation: analysis and adaptation of procedures, regulations, IT standards, offers, advertisements, marketing standards, standard terms and conditions; preparation of ready-to-use local versions.



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Localisation of offices and warehouses. Logistics


Localisation of business premises; transportation and warehousing cost estimates; advice on lease and purchase of properties and vehicles; selection of transportation service providers.



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Design and implementation of reporting systems


Comparisons of accountancy and tax reporting standards in selected countries; development of a common accounting policy; introduction of reporting standards, financial controlling and startup company financing and cash-flow rules; selection and implementation of accounting IT solutions.



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Recruitment, training and introduction of personnel


Preparation of employment plans (head-count, structure, skills); drafting job specifications; market remuneration level analysis; company mapping, identification of potential employees working for competitive companies; recruitment and head-hunting; preparation of training materials, planning and training delivery; introduction to work.



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Supervision of the kick-off phase of business activity


Benchmarking sales and financial outcomes; supervision of reporting activities; solving communication, decision-making and interpersonal problems in-between HQ and branches; organisation of support for start-up companies and events aimed at integration of personnel.



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