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Central and Eastern Europe Knowledge Base





This database comprises data on a range of topics related to CEE economies and direct investment in this region.






Foreign Direct Investments:


Survey on Investment Plans of Polish Companies (2008 Q3)


Major Polish Investments in Ukraine (2007)


The top 20 European countries for FDI job creation (2007)


Investment attractiveness of regions of Poland (2007)


Number of greenfield FDI projects in CEE (2002-2006)


Number of cross-border M&As in CEE (2004-2006)


Matrix of inward FDI performance and potential (2005)


Foreign Direct Investment in CEE (2005)


Top twenty-five FDI Confidence Index (2005)


Top twenty-five FDIs in Poland (2004)


Top twenty-five FDIs in the Czech Republic (2004)


Accumulated value of FDI in Poland by country of investor’s registration (2004)





EU Cohesion Policy-related Expenditures as a Percent of GDP (2007-13)


National debt by country in the EU as a percentage of GDP (2008 Q3)


Economics of crisis in the EU (2008 Q3)


Population, GDP growth and unemployment rates (2007)


Gross Domestic Product of CEE countries (2006)


Inflation - annual average (2003-2006)


Gross foreign debt (2003-2005)



Taxation and legal:


Income, corporate, VAT and withholding tax comparison (2009)


The Ease of Paying Taxes in the EU (2009)


Procedure, cost and duration of incorporation of limited liability companies in Poland (2006)


Procedure, cost and duration of incorporation of ltd. companies in the Czech Republic (2006)


Procedure, cost and duration of incorporation of limited liability companies in Hungary (2006)


Starting a business (Ltd.) benchmark - procedures, duration and cost (2005)


Enforcing contract benchmark - procedures, time and cost (2005)



Social securities comparison (2009)


Statutory minimum monthly wages in EU member states (2008 JUL)


Gross to net salary of a local executive and total cost to employer for selected countries (2007)


Wages (statutory minimum, average monthly gross, net) and labour cost (2005)



Major companies:


Major software & IT integrator companies in Romania (2008)


Major software development companies in Bulgaria (2008)


The top 25 asset management companies at RTS - real estate market in Russia (2008)


CEE’s Top 100 Companies (2006)


Major retail chains in the Czech Republic (2006)


Major retail chains in Hungary (2006)


Major retail chains in Romania (2006)


Major retail chains in the Ukraine (2006)


Major retail chains in the United Kingdom (2006)



Capital markets, debt and risks:


Insolvencies by sector in CEE (2007)


CEE stock markets capitalisation and number of companies (2007)


Investment risk ratings of CEE financial markets (2006)


CEE bad debts risk map (2006)


Polish banks comparison (2005)






Approval of Change to Multiparty System and Market Economy in CEE (2009 & 1991)


Top National Problems Beyond the Economy in CEE (2009)


Unfavourable Views of Key Minority Groups in CEE (2009)


Views of EU membership, NATO and Russian influence in CEE (2009)


CEE countries membership in international organisations (2009)


CEE Youth Opinion Poll: Working for an international or a local company ? (2008)


CEE Talent Management Survey (2008)


The Top 25 Central and Eastern European Think-Tanks (2008)


CEE Euro adoption scenario (2008)


European Innovation Scorecard (2008)


Freedom of the Press Index (2008)


European Cities Monitor (2007)


Cost of energy, petrol and natural gas in Europe comparison (2006 JAN)


Cost of office and warehouse rental in Europe comparison (2006 JAN)


Number of credit cards in Poland (2006)


CEE’s 100 richest people (2005)


Poland’s scorecard of strengths and weaknesses (2005)


Index of Economic Freedom (2005)


EU citizens’ perception of the quality of life and the national economic situation (2004)


Shadow economy in Poland by type of industry (2002)


Shadow economies in Europe, China, India, Japan and the United States (1998 - 2000)






Aris - Romanian Agency For Foreign Investments


CzechInvest - Czech Investment and Development Agency


InvestBulgaria - Bulgarian Investment Agency


InvestUkraine - Ukrainian Investment Agency


ITD - Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency


PAiZ - Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency


Sario - Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency




Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria


Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic


Hungarian Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland


Romanian Ministry of Public Finance


Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic


Ministry of Finance of Ukraine




Bulgarian National Bank


Ceska Narodni Banka : Czech National Bank


Magyar Nezmeti Bank : Hungarian Central Bank


Narodowy Bank Polski : National Bank of Poland


Narodna Banka Slovenska : National Bank of Slovakia


Banca Nationala A Romaniei : National Bank of Romania


National Bank of Ukraine




Foreign language CEE radio stations and services (2009)


European English language newspapers and news services available on-line (2006)






Other information




Review of project management software (2008)


The UK’s top 50 business consultancies (2005)


Top 50 bilateral FDI relationships worldwide (1985, 1995, 2005)



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