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Selected projects







ADe Line SA (Plc)

Opening of the first foreign outlet of Almi Décor store chain in Russia (Kaliningrad); supervision of sales processes and expansion on other CEE markets; project included planning, location of new stores, development of franchising model, analysis and preparation of critical contacts, pricing policy design, advice on recruitment and training of personnel, design of the chain marketing strategy, advice on design of stores and initial product assortment.


2005 - 2009

Czech, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad)








Plus Bank

Planning, organization and development of a call centre for Plus Bank (GetIn Holding) in Ivano-Frankivsk to provide services for Sales Division, Collection Department, Credit Department, Customer Service Department and other divisions of Plus Bank. The project included software development, procedures implementation, staff recruitment and training.


2008 - 2009










Planning and execution of a recruitment campaign targeted at tripling of size of an existing software development team. The project included a PR employer branding activities in newspapers, on the Internet and at technical university fairs.











Holger Manske & Partner GmbH

HR project for a global ERP leader.

Executive search and recruitment mainly in the area of sales, business consultancy and project management; identification of potential candidates; company mapping (170+ companies); Referral Programme; A-player Programme (recruiting from the top 10% in the market); conceptual work on EMEA Referral Programme Drive 2008/2009 design and internal marketing campaign; identification and assessment of 150+ European recruitment sources.


2007 - 2008

Baltics, CEE, CIS, DACH, UK









HR project for a newly established factory in Bulgaria and some of the client’s distribution companies across the country. The project included: recruitment of a few dozens of sales representatives and production plant workers, coordination of introduction of the new personnel, advice on employment laws and preparation of employment contracts and personal files.


2006 - 2008









Toya SA (Plc)

Complex pre-investment market research including analysis of: competition (i.e. financial standing and market share); potential clients; legal environment; product price comparisons; standard terms and conditions of sales, guaranty and delivery; quality and variety of goods on the market, logistics, cost estimates for a planned, future branch.



Czech, Hungary, Slovakia








Work Service UK Ltd

A start-up project aimed at introduction of Work Service into the UK market. The project included legal analysis; company formation; adaptation of business procedures and accounting, financial reporting, sales and marketing standards; initial sales and provision of services kick-off phase execution.


2004 - 2005










Work Service Czech Ltd

Planning and execution of a start-up project in the Czech Republic opening the first foreign branch of the company. The project included. market and legal analysis; company formation; set-up of two offices in Prague and Ostrava; adaptation of business procedures, marketing, legal, IT, accounting and financial standards; recruitment, training and introduction of personnel; reporting and supervision of the company during and after the kick-off phase.









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