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Who we are








Stanislaw Drobiazko


Cornel E. M. Calomfirescu



Ukraine, CIS, CEE            




MSc in Management

MSc in Engineering and Architecture


Specialties: operations management, process optimization, multicultural management, call and service centres organization, organization business development, project management.

Experience: 5+ years in project management, 5+ years in human resources, 15+ projects.


Specialties: business match-making, local government cooperation projects, legal advisory and debt collection services, property and construction.

Experience: 15+ years in business consulting, 10+ years in consular diplomatic service, 5+ years as a journalist.








Rafael C. Gallera


Krzysztof Kuzniak



United Kingdom

Poland, CEE

MSc in Law & Administration

PhD, Doctor of Economics

Certificate in Management

MSc in Management and Marketing


Specialties: business development, commercial and private UK law, insurance, mortgage and payment services.

Experience: 15+ years in legal advisory role, 10+ years in business management.


Specialties: organization and business development, strategic planning, marketing management, project management, green field investment projects.

Experience: 15+ years in marketing, 10+ years in management, 5+ years in project management.








Elena Najdenova


Tomasz Nowak












PhD studies in Decision Science


MSc in Industrial Management


MSc in HR Management


Specialties: organizational development, business communication, project management, talent management, personnel training and development, headhunting.

Experience: 9+ years in human resources management, 9+ years in project management, 8+ years in training of personnel.


Specialties: organisational and business development, decision analysis, project and programme management, HR and IT management, CEE markets expertise.

Experience: 10+ years in management, 10+ years in HR, 5+ years in IT/e-commerce, 30+ projects.








Boguslaw Slonina


Patrycjusz Sukiennik




HR Consultant


The Czech Republic








MSc in Engineering


MSc in Management and Marketing


Specialties: organizational business development, industrial project and programme management, energy sector, finance, FMCG.

Experience: 15+ years in business advisory roles, 10 years in projects management, 3 years in food manufacturing.


Specialties: human resources management, marketing management, organization and business development, financial analysis.

Experience: 3+ years in human resources, 7+ years in healthcare management.








Ryszard Urbanski


Barbara Urogdi








Hungary, SEE (ex-Yugoslavia)


BTEC Product and Sales Marketing




MSc in Road and Railway Engineering


MSc in Linguistics and Communication


Specialties: organization and business development, marketing management, PM, HRM, forwarding and truck transportation management.

Experience: 15 + years in management, 10+ years in marketing, 7+ years in project management, 5+ years in HRM.


Specialties: business start-ups and support, company incorporation, market research, property and relocation, project management, communication.

Experience: 5+ years in business start-ups, 5+ years in market research, property and relocation,
10+ years in language services/communication.








Agnieszka Pawlik





Open Space Facilitator




A trainer of international NGOs programmes








MSc in Political Sciences




Specialties: NGO’s management, EU  funds and programmes, Open Space Technology, training in intercultural learning and group work.

Experience: 8+ years in NGO management, 15+ Open Space seminar and conferences, 10+ non-formal education projects.
















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